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Positive Energy Exchange Opportunity :


We're looking for energetic individuals who have enthusiasm for all things heath & wellness; people who want to exchange their energy to help make our studio a better place to practice, visit and shop. You can share the studio's positive energy and continue to nurture your on personal health and wellbeing. 

Needed: Only ~3-4 hours each week. Easy enough! 

Duties include: checking people in to class, data entry, monitoring and overseeing the studio boutique, explaining all in studio products, & promotions, giving tours, sweeping floors,  cleaning bathrooms, etc. A 3-month commitment is required.

What we offer: In exchange for your contribution to the studio, you will receive unlimited classes (excluding yoga) for the duration of your commitment! 
Not only do you receive unlimited fitness classes  but also this program encourages you to become a part of a community\tribe that shares a love for all things health & wellness. 

If you are looking for a way to become more involved with the studio, learn about upcoming  events, to get to know our teachers & fellow tribe and in exchange work out for free !...  Then this program is for you! 

Please email us to inquire further about this unique opportunity! 

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