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"Full Circle"

In 2016 we opened our doors in Petrolia with the vision and goal to create a space for inclusive movement to facilitate and nurture a healthy body, mind and soul using different modalities (Mindfulness, Music, Meditation & Music). With the amazing love and support from the Petrolia community and our amazing fitness family we  achieved just that! As the world took on a "New Norm & Form" in early 202 our presence as a brick and mortar business pivoted to an online format for the health and safety needs of our clients, staff and their families. This new @ Home format provides long time clients and new members an opportunity to enjoy familiar studio class favourites in their home.


"There is nothing permanent except change" and we are embracing this "change" as opportunity to challenge, create, grow and connect in a new way. We look forward to bringing you accessible, fun &  challenging content, in a virtually supportive community. 


Change in all its forms takes courage. We challenge you to change your thoughts, change your habits and train with us!



About Circle Studio:
Circle Studio is a Holistic Health, Healing & Wellness Studio, run by women (and  mom's) with a passion for health, wellness and  family fitness. 


Our name reflects the journey that has brought us to this chapter and the "circle" symbolizes how everything up until now has become "full circle", in this amazing path of life. "Circle" symbolizes - infinite nature of energy, and the inclusivity of the universe, wholeness, community, unity and nurture.

Our mission includes the 4 M's

1. Mindfullness 
2. Movement

3. Meditation 

4. Music 


These 4 factors have played a key role in our lives and when combined can be extremely empowering, and healing to the body, mind & soul. We offer services that focus on all aspects individually as well as collaboratively.

We support and encourage local & Canadian business affiliates & partnerships if you would like to collaborate please send us a EMAIL

Circle Studio \Circle Home offers:

1. At home & On location (Pop up & School) Group Fitness &  Personal Training


2. Nutrition Services by Dr. Brigitte Hynes-Taylor MD & R.H.N owner or L.I.F.E. Nutrition 

3. A variety of local and Canadian affiliates offering members discounts on amazing products ! Access these affiliate discounts codes by created a member login in the top right hand corner. 


Circle Studio

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