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Nourish L.I.F.E. Naturally

 Dr. Brigitte Hynes-Taylor (MD, RHN, NNCP) owner of L.I.F.E. Nutrition take a  a “holistic approach” – that considers the whole person and how the body, mind, spirit interact. Her practise is based on the belief\philosophy that everyone had unique nutritional needs while putting a strong Emphasis on “Natural Nutrients”:

  1. Live – contains live enzymes (ie. fresh fruit, vegetables and sprouts

  2. Natural – unprocessed, unrefined foods (ie, whole grains, and legumes)

  3. Good Quality – grown in soil rich in essential nutrients such as organically grown.

  4. Free of pesticides & grown without synthetic fertilizers)

About Dr. Brigitte Hynes-Taylor

My name is Dr. Brigitte Hynes-Taylor, a graduate of the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (2014), Registered Holistic Nutritionist. I have 13 years of extensive health education ranging from BSc. Human Nutrition, Masters in Health Promotion and MD. I have lived and worked around the world from Ireland, to Poland and across my home country Canada from Nova Scotia to Saskatchewan.

My passion in life has always been health, wellness and nutrition. In 2015, I started L.I.F.E. Nutrition, my private nutrition consulting business. Having worked with various cultural groups, and varying demographics around the world through my international studies and work, I have seen first hand the effect empowerment has in promoting health. And, thus the name L.I.F.E Nutrition (Living In Full Empowerment Nutrition) was born. I am a firm believer, when you empower people with tools and knowledge; change is the natural progression of these actions.


My  L.I.F.E. Nutirtion  practise is a holistic practice providing Holistic Nutrition guidance, counseling and support to achieve optimal health using natural nutrition.


I am looking forward to empowering my clients with the knowledge, understanding and tools they need to obtain optimal health and balance in life.


Outside of work, I am a  mom, wife, I love cooking; I am a Adjunct Professor at Lambton College, I love the great outdoors & Lake Huron. I love teaching group fitness classes  and have a personal goal of running a 5km run a year.

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