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Dr. Brigitte Hynes-Taylor - Owner of Circle Studio


Dr. Brigitte Hynes-Taylor, is originally from Bright’s Grove\Camlachie and is a graduate of the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, Registered Holistic Nutritionist & Natural Nutrition Clinical Practitioner. With 14+ years of extensive health education she holds a BSc. Human Nutrition, Masters in Health Promotion and MD (Medical Degree). Her passion in life has always been health, wellness and nutrition.


She has lived and worked around the world from Ireland, to Poland and across Canada from Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan to Ontario.


In 2015, Dr. Brigitte Hynes-Taylor opened her private Holistic Nutrition  Practise in Petrolia, & Sarnia, Ontario. Having worked & studied internationally, she is a firm believer, when you empower people with tools and knowledge; change is the natural progression of these actions. Nutrition services and programs include: one on one nutritional assessments & individualized nutrition plan & recommendations, weight management & weight maintenance programs, meal plans, Ketogenic & macronutrient focused foods, IgG blood tests for food sensitivities\intolerances, cooking classes, nutrition related seminars, workshops and much more.


As a mom of a busy boy & baby girl who arrived in August, fitness is something Brigitte is very passionate about.  She believes the importance to lead by example for our children by showing them movement & fitness can be a fun part of our daily routine.  


Dr. Brigitte Hynes-Taylor founded & created Circle Studio in 2016. She is a Principle Instructor at Circle Studio certified in Group fitness Instruction with additional certifications in PIYO, POP Pilates, POUND, Barre, Total Barre, Post Natal Barre, TRX, Urban Poling & Surfset. 


Dr. Brigitte Hynes-Taylor advocates for networking with local businesses to collaborate on creating and delivering unique and engaging health promotion programs, events & workshops.  Through continuing education Dr. Brigitte Hynes-Taylor is constantly expanding her knowledge to deliver and integrate current nutrition, health and wellness information for clients and participants.  She looks forward to empowering her clients & participants with the health promoting knowledge, understanding and tools they need to obtain optimal health and balance in life, and encourages everyone to “Nourish their Lives Naturally”.

Dr. Brigitte Hynes-Taylor-

BSc. HNU, MA (Health Promotion), MD, R.H.N. NNCP,

Owner & founder of Circle Studio

Dr. Brigitte Hynes-Taylor can be contacted at: (306)-750-7154 or


Carilyn Piquette - Strong Nation, Mat Pialtes 


Hello Ladies! I am so excited to be one of your fabulous Fitness Instructors at Circle Studio on the Farm. By day I am a grade 7/8 teacher and a Fitness Instructor by night. I am full of energy and love every opportunity to live life to its fullest and have fun! I am happily married to the love of my life and best friend Norm. We have two big dogs and chickens that we love to spoil. We love to travel when we are not busy on the farm and palm trees always make me happy. I am looking forward to being one of your fitness instructors and look forward to helping you unlock your strength and reach your fitness goals. MUCH LOVE!


Ingrid Parrott  - Yoga 


After returning to Sarnia from Toronto in 2008, I began my personal yoga practice with Muriel Church in a group that my mother was a part of. At the time, I had no idea this would become an integrated part of my lifestyle and personal development. 

     Fast forward to 2019, when I completed my 200hr yoga teaching course with Inner Dawn Yoga, and I have been teaching hatha, restorative and baby/caregiver yoga styles since. 

     I strive to encourage those around me to stay “tethered” to their yoga through journaling, self-practice, meditation and being present - all things that we most likely do!  

     When I am not with my toddler, I also create mala necklaces, sterling silver designs, bracelets, and host workshops with my business Journey Gems Canada. 


Ingrid Parrott,


Kelly Deboer  - Piloxing  


Hello Everyone my name is Kelly Deboer, I'm a wife a mother and a PILOXING SSP instructor.

My first PILOXING class was in 2013 and I feel in love with it, high cardio high energy low impact interval training with a mix of Boxing Pilates and Dance. This was something I knew I had to keep doing. 

September 2014 I decided to go and get certified and I haven't looked back

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