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May 1st 2020


Circle Studio Community Update: 

Hello Circle Studio Community, 


I hope you are all doing well and you and your families are safe & healthy. The last few weeks have been something I personally feel is a plot to a novel, movie or mean joke. 7 weeks ago my family and I were convincing ourselves that we could maybe still possibly make our March break trip (which totally did not happen, like so many others).  

Life has slowed. Our “normal” has changed. Routine looks totally 

different , but through all of this people are helping each other and communities have become stronger.


Our Circle Community is strong, one that is built on unbreakable solid bonds, life long friendships, soul sister connections and founded in community.  

The direct result and impact COVID 19 has had on small businesses is unfair, unjust and has shown no mercy on what business owners have dreamt, visioned and built.  

 I feel sick over the news I have to break to this community.  

Dear friends, the physical brick and mortar entity of Circle Studio will be closing. With business closed, no relief and still no unforeseeable lift in the next coming months, for close proximity meeting space we cannot financially continue to hold onto the physical spaces of Circle Studio.  

This decision was beyond difficult & extremely emotional. Owning a studio was a dream that became a reality. It was nurtured, supported with energy, love and endless ideas and dreams. Baby steps turned to larger ones, and what I thought my dream was capable of, surpassed any daydream and note book scribble during brainstorm sessions. Participants became instructors motivated by the classes they attended and members became friends and volunteers . Music, movement, mindfulness, and meditation our 4M’s became part of our routine and life vibrations. 

Our plan moving forward is to grow our Circle Studio Community presence virtually through our virtual platform Circle @ Home as well as offer our online CS Boutique with your favourite products & apparel. Our Circle @ Home virtual class platform was launched one week after COVID closures. This platform  provides you with familiar in studio classes you love (or have grown to love:). Over the last 7 weeks  we have complied a variety of classes, programs and challenges for our community. Moving forward our Circle @ Home platform content will continue to grow with  ~3 classes uploaded for you to enjoy weekly. These classes will be Free of charge until things begin to open up. If you have not had a chance to create a login please do so (see information below under Online & Community Resources:)

With this, we will be selling a variety of equipment (large & small) over the next few weeks. Please reach out if you are interested in purchasing equipment for your home.  

I don’t believe this community is unbreakable, I think our connection and friendships are unforgettable. Stay positive. We believe this community will meet again someday even if we are 6 feet apart.  

Thank you for being you.  

Sending love and positivity to all. 



Brigitte (Owner of Circle Studio)

& Circle Studio Team ~


Please note: if you have been in touch to rent equipment I will be contacting each person with equipment purchase options.  





Online & Community Resources:


Now on our Circle @ Home virtual platform !

Click HERE to register, creating an account  using the drop down menu in the top right hand corner "Circle @ Home Workouts" !


Our favourite studio products  available!

Click HERE To view the shop!




Check out NEW CIRCLE STUDIO accessories here:…/circle-studio-snap-back-hat/



Thank you to CR Creative Co. Ltd. for creating this platform & supporting local small businesses  ❤️

$10 from each sale is given back to small buinesses during this time of closure due to COVID 19.

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