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Breast Health & Fitness 

 Breast Health & Fitness Training  

Breast Health & Fitness is personal training and coaching with a a health promotion approach. Our Breast Health & 

Fitness training supports, trains, coaches, educates & empowers those affected by breast cancer before, after or during diagnosis on how to live a more active lifestyle. Breast Health & Fitness  is lead and supported by Dr. Brigitte Hynes-Taylor, a mom, wife and BRAC2 positive Certified Cancer Exercise Specialist with a focus on Breast Cancer.  Breast Health & Fitness bridges the gap between the medical and fitness world. Our mission is to create customized, safe personal training programs that align with the stage of your personal health journey, from a personal health era awakening to a positive genetic testing, prehab, cancer diagnosis, rehab, surgery, healing, recovery  cancer survivorship and the journey inbetween.

What does Breast Health & Fitness training entail?

  • Initial baseline assessment  (with initial consultation)

  • Safe, customized personal training program - your choice of in person or at home 4, 8 and 12 session training packages

  • Personal weekly at home exercise routine 

  • Access to our Circle Studio @ Home On Demand APP & workout library 

  • Weekly check-ins

  • Habit tracking and goal setting 

  • Ability to direct message me in our APP for questions, accountability, support etc.

  • Final assessment at the end of your program

Interested in the Breast Health & Fitness training? Email us to book a free 15 min discovery call to talk about your goals & training program locations\at home options and how I can help support you. 

Read More about Brigitte's personal story HERE 


Breast Health & Fitness  Training package 

am location options:
1. At Home
2. In person - at the Farm Studio (Wyoming)
3. In personal  -  at Alta Health &
Performance  (Sarnia)

Email us  to book a 15 min. discovery call to talk about program options 

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FAQ: Who is this program suitable for?

Anyone looking for support to become or stay active during their current health journey: from prehab, diagnosis, rehab, surgery, healing, recovery, cancer survivorship to genetic testing diagnosis and personal health era awakening

FAQ: Do I have to have had breast cancer  or diagnosis to begin Breast Health & Fitness Training ?

No, our Breast Health & Fitness training is for anyone, from a personal health era awakening to a positive genetic breast cancer screening testing our training supports on your health journey to active living. 

FAQ: Do I have to have had an exercise regime or need to be physically active prior to begin?

Not at all. Our training is for anyone, new, experienced or returning to an active lifestyle

FAQ: I am currently undergoing treatment, can I still begin Breast Health & Fitness training?

Yes, however, before beginning we do we require clearance from your health care professionals. 

FAQ: Is there an age requirement to begin Breast Health & Fitness  training ?

Our training is for anyone 18+. 

FAQ: I don't physically live near you, but I am interested in beginning this training. Can I do this from home?

Yes, absolutely. We are happy to offer both at home and in person training. We provide all clients access to our Circle Studio @ Home APP, with your own account where we provide you with your customized training program and access to our growing on demand library of fitness classes & exercises 

FAQ: Do you offer nutrition coaching, meal plans and support ? 

Yes, I absolutely do offer this option. With an undergrad in Human Nutrition Sciences and a Registered Holistic Nutritionist I can work with you to determine body system imbalances, nutrient deficiencies and customized meal planning to meet your nutrition needs & goals.  

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