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From the time you drive up the gravel driveway and make your way to the work out space you know that you are about to have a unique fitness experience. Bridget keeps us sweating and smiling with a new hit circuit each day. Love Bridget’s positive attitude while pushing us to our potentials and then some. Love hate these early mornings lol! 

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Erin - 

 I thoroughly enjoyed the yoga blend class both times I attended. It’s a calming atmosphere and Adina is an experienced and creative instructor. The class is a great blend of work out, stretch and relaxation. 10/10!

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Amanda -

Ahhh I have so much to say!!! Your class really felt like such a safe space from the moment I walked in. You’re so friendly and upbeat. You always offer to help moms get settled when they walk in with their arms full. I love that moms can nurse or change diapers at any time. I actually used to be self conscious about nursing in public until I saw moms doing it in class and no one batted an eye. You always offer modified exercises if needed or if a mom is holding her baby. I’ve never felt judgment for going at my own pace, taking a break, or if my baby started to fuss. It’s an excuse to get out of the house with Julia that I look forward to every week! 

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Brooke -

Stroller Fit has been a wonderful way to get active with baby outside. Brigitte is so encouraging and provides a lot of support in finding variations to fit each individuals fitness level. A great added bonus is the community of moms/caregivers that you get to share the experience with each week.

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I'm so glad I decided to sign up for this class! Brigitte is such a joy, she motivates you while also giving you the space to listen to your body and do what feels right. It’s been awesome to meet other moms and their babes who are in the same stage of life, and to spend sometime outdoors being active together! This is exactly what I needed to get back into exercise post baby and I’ve been the good kind of sore after each workout! Can’t wait for the next 4 week series :)

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