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Nutrition Counselling 

One on One Nutrition Counselling 

Dr. Brigitte Hynes-Taylor is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Natural Nutrition Clinical Practitioner. Founded on holistic nutrition guidance, counselling and support to achieve optimal health using natural nutrition, private nutrition assessment\consultation  focuses on extracting current lifestyle factors  (diet, medical history, sleep stress etc) in combination wth a Nutri-System Profile to create a personalized plan for you based on your health concerns\goal. Using a "holistic approach", viewing the client as  a "whole", we look at all the body systems and any current symptoms experienced, addressing system imbalances with diet, supplement and lifestyle recommendations. 

Dr. Brigitte specializes in simple, realistic nutrition solutions that will help you "nourish & live your life naturally " using real, whole foods.

Nutritional Consulting Services Offered:
  • Weight Loss / Weight Gain Programs

  • Perinatal (pre & post natal nutrition, wellness and movement) programs

  • Meal planning, grocery shopping & nutrition education 

  • Women's health (hormone balancing from through all life's stages) and everthing inbetween 

  • IgG Blood Testing for food sensitivities 

 60 min Nutrition Counselling  
 $150 + Tax
* This 60 min appointment includes: Lifestyle intake Assessment, Nutri-system profile assessment, nutrition & habit review, customized 4 week meal plan, nutrition and lifestyle recommendations. Q&A.
* Option: In Person or virtual 

 30 min Nutrition Counselling Follow Up
$65+ Tax
* Option: In Person or virtual

* Exciting Update: "Nutrition Counselling" may be covered by some health insurance provers including: Manulife, iA Financial Group, Equitable Life Insurance, Claimsecure, Greenshield Canada
* Please check with your provider if "Nutrition Counselling" is covered under your benefits 

Nutrition Services:  
We offer screening and analysis testing of blood, urine hair and breast milk to assess and detect heavy metal burden and nutritional deficiencies.  With a "holistic approach", these results,  in combination with Lifesyle Assessment and wellness goals, we address and support system imbalances with diet, supplement and lifestyle recommendations.

Screening & Analysis Testing Offered: 
Food Intolerance  (IgG Blood) Testing   

 Hair Mineral Analysis 

 Hair Cortisol

 Breast Milk DHA Testing  

 Omega 3 Blood Testing  

* Covered by some health care benefits - please check with your provider

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