Circle Studio\Circle @ Home Wavier

Circle Studio- Registration, Participation  & Liability Form


Please read this wavier before completing your login. 

  • I am aware that engaging in physical exercise involving general group fitness classes\personal training can cause harm or injury and have permission from a practising physician to partake in online, off site or in studio classes.

  • I am voluntarily participating in the fitness class run by instructors from Circle Studio and I am assuming all risks of injury that may result from engaging in any exercise program

  • I hereby agree to wave any claims or rights that I may otherwise have to sue Circle Studio owners\employees for any injury that might occur.

  • I understand that it is recommended I consult a physician prior to participation in any exercise program.

  • Circle Studio policy on Injuries while on the Circle Studio Premises or classes carried out by Circle Studio outside the studio and at home -

    • On premise - Circle studio and staff are not liable  for any  injury or incident that occur. In the case an injury occurs on the premise of the studio an incident form is completed by a Circle Studio Staff. One copy will be given to the participant and the other copy will be kept in the incident report file. All information will be kept confidential. 

    • Off premise - Circle studio and staff are not liable  for any  injury or incident that occur off premise or at home.  


I agree that I am over the age of 18 or have permission from a legal parent or guardian to proceed with participation in online or in studio classes. 



Photo release: I understand that photos & videos taken during classes or events may be used for advertising and social media purposes. 


In completing this wavier I have read and understand all the  information above and agree that the following information below is included in my account set up. 

Any Additional Health Issues \Concerns or previous injury  (have been disclosed upon beginning fitness classes at home or in studio) in the "Login" section.



(226) 738-0668


Main Studio: 4215 Petrolia Line, Petrolia ON

N0N 1R0, Canada

Circle Studio 2.0 :  4208 Petrolia Line, 

Petrolia ON

N0N 1R0, Canada