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"Full Circle"

In 2016 we opened our doors in Petrolia as a boutique fitness studio run by women (and  moms) with a passion for health, wellness and family fitness.


Our vision and goal was to create a space for inclusive movement to facilitate and nurture a healthy body, mind and soul using different modalities (Mindfulness, Music, Meditation & Music). With the amazing love and support from Petrolia, surrounding community and our amazing fitness family we achieved just that & so much more!

As the world took on a "New Norm & Form" in early 2020 our presence as a brick and mortar business was not sustainable with so many unknowns and uncertainty, but we held out hope & a sign for opportunity to one day reunite our 'Circle'.

  After two years of business closure, a new baby and a move we have learned that "There is nothing permanent except change". "Change" in all its forms takes courage and is a word we have come to welcome and embrace.  "A Circle" symbolizes - infinite nature of energy, and the inclusivity of the universe, wholeness, community, unity and nurture. So, it is time to reunite & grow our 'Circle Community- with a twist'! 

Join us for  "Circle Studio on the Farm". A place to welcome & face change, challenge your self, move your body, create & crush fitness goals, connect with old & new community members all while enjoying a 'change of scenery' surrounded by nature.  

 We look forward to sweating & smiling together again !


Brigitte Hynes-Taylor
Owner of Circle Studio

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