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 Nutrition Consultations

One on One Nutrition Assessment\Consultations:
Founded on holistic nutrition guidance, counseling and support to achieve optimal health using natural nutrition, private nutrition assessment\consultations  focuses on extracting current lifestyle factors  (diet, medical history, sleep stress etc) in combinaiton wth a Nutri-System Profile to create a personalized plan for you based on your health concerns\goal. Using a "holistic approach", viewing the client as  a "whole", we look at all the body systems and any current symptoms experienced, addressing system imbalances with diet, supplement and lifestyle recommendations. 
The assessment\consultation includes a 60 min initial appt.
Total: $130 + Tax

 30 min follow up additional ($65+ Tax)

* Covered by some health care benefits - please check with your provider

L.I.F.E. Nutrition Services

NEW! !!!! IgG Food Sensitivity\intolernace Testing

  • L.I.F.E. Nutrition is a curator for IgG blood testing

  • IgG  blood test or food sensitivities\intolerances

  • Test for over 200+ food antigens sensitivities\intolerances

  • Results are presented as Red- highly sensitive,  yellow - moderately sensitive, & green - normal foods (no sensitivity. 


 IgG Blood test ( 200+ foods tested ) = $379 + tax


IgG Blood test ( 200+ foods tested ) + 14 day menu plan =  $479 + tax

* Covered by some health care benefits - please check with your provider

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