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What is Holistic Nutrition?


Holistic Nutrition is a natural approach to health that uses evidence-based techniques for diet, lifestyle and detoxification. It focuses the client as "a whole" rather than focus on single modalities, symptoms or previous diagnoses, eliminating traditional methodologies of "on size fits all". 

What does a Nutrition Assessment entail?

A Extensive Lifestyle Assessment Form is completed which collects and  evaluates one's  health history, emotional state, lifestyle, habits current diet habits, level of stress, hereditary diseases and much more.


A Nutrisystem profile is also completed. One scores 67 symptoms as a 1, 2, or 3.  Using these scores we are able to focus on which of the body systems is unbalanced. 

Why choose the Holistic approach to health?

Currently conventional medicine tends to separate human health into parts: mental, physical, emotional, social, etc. 

Holistic simply means that all aspects of a person’s well-being are considered. The whole person is the focus, rather than merely a  symptoms() or disease. Our approach is based on Socrates premise -  “the part can never be well unless the whole is well”. Socrates

Here are just some of the issues holistic nutritionists help with:

  • Acne/skin conditions

  • Cravings

  • Depression/mood/happiness

  • Detoxification

  • Dietary changes/food allergies

  • Disease prevention (i.e. cancer/osteoperosis/arthritis)

  • Hormone issues

  • Low energy / fatigue

  • Sleep problems

  • Weight-loss

  • Addressing Food Sensitives 

  • Diabetes

  • Obesity

  • Arthritis

  • Heart disease

  • High blood pressure

  • Cancer

  • Colitis

  • Gout

  • Mental Health 

  • + more

The ultimate goal is to promote health, through  empowerment and education. Reintroducing and reminding people about  food basics, using whole, nutrient dense foods in their diet, lifestyle recommendations and natural supplementation when necessary. 

Our Holistic Approach equation:

A balance between body*mind*spirit. 

Focusing on the client as "a whole" 

Providing a individualized client plan with 

* dietary recommendations

* lifestyle recommendations 

* supplements recommendations (when necessary)

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